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Question   Your website
Les I love the in your face type presentation, there is no question as to what the visitor is seeing, and the entertainment starts right away with both audio and visual, your new pieces are awesome, Good luck Phil

- Phil Costanzo 6/9/2009 6:44:50 AM

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Question   Very well done, Les!
Nicely laid out; easily navigated, and some very beautiful photography. Congratulations!

- Lauren Pacini 6/9/2009 3:17:20 AM

  Answer You've ipmerssed us all with that posting!

- Jaxon Jaxon  1/7/2012 6:59:24 AM

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Question   very nic
this is wonderful. please add more photos

- alan banks 6/8/2009 7:33:17 PM

  Answer Thanks Alan

- Leslie G.  6/8/2009 7:59:31 PM

  Answer IMHO you've got the right asnewr!

- Gracelynn Gracelynn  1/9/2012 10:31:53 PM

  Answer What was the question that was answered? I don't understand.

- Leslie G.  1/10/2012 5:13:51 AM

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